Review of “Authority” by Jeff VanderMeer

Book Review of “Authority” by Jeff VanderMeer

Overall Feelings

I have just finished reading, “Authority” by Jeff VanderMeer, the second book in the Southern Reach Trilogy.

The first book in the series, “Annihilation” went by rapidly, I could not put the book down but with this second one, I could put the book down.

Nitty Gritty

The story takes place soon after the first one ends and almost all but one character is new. The main character, John or Control, is working at a government agency called, “The Southern Reach,” which is tasked to handle and figure out what is/what is happening in bizarre area of land called, “Area X”.

As it opens, there is a lengthy amount of background, which for me was a little hard to get through. About 150 pages in, I almost gave up on the book, but something told me to keep going and boy was I happy I did.

I don’t want to reveal anything because I think that EVERYONE should read this series, but the book has a definite turning point where the main character, Control, begins to realize that something isn’t right. Vandermeer’s writing style shines throughout this book and almost makes you feel as though you are Control and that your own world is turning upside down.

By the end of the novel, I was thoroughly creeped out but I enjoyed every last bit.

Ratings Score

I would give this book a 9 out of 10 because it was slow in the beginning but the last half of the book makes up for this and Vandermeer’s skilled story telling abilities makes the reader come back for more.

The beautiful detail of the opening pages. Photo by HelloMadds

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