Sweet Treats in Willow Glen


It’s Saturday afternoon and the work week is finally over; in my mind, there is no better way to celebrate than with a sweet treat. 

San Jose is home to many little neighborhoods which hold various treasures. Willow Glen, a neighborhood ten minutes away from downtown, has grown in popularity in previous years. The hub of Willow Glen sits on Lincoln Avenue which has a variety of restaurants, shops and  (most importantly) bakeries. A couple of my favorite bakeries are here for you to enjoy.


Susie Cakes (1109 Lincoln Ave) Willow Glen location is near the corner of Lincoln and Willow, other Susie Cakes shops are located across the Bay Area with locations in San Francisco, Menlo Park, Greenbrae, Lafayette and San Carlos. The moment you walk in, your eyes wander across the store: from the blue walls to the glass cases filled with cakes, cookies and cupcakes. On the side wall, there are decorations for birthday parties and other festive occasions. 


On this particular Saturday, I decide to go with a slice ($6.25)  of their celebration cake, a six layer vanilla cake covered in mint colored icing. The cake reminds me of birthdays of the past, the icing a buttery layer over the vanilla cake with rainbow sprinkles mixed in. To say it is delicious, doesn’t do it justice; it simply must be tried to know how good it really is. Along with cake slices, one can order cakes for special occasions or try one of their brightly colored cupcakes with flavors that range from classic chocolate to flavors that change by the season. Take a look at Susie Cakes’  menu to see what other flavors they have. Susie Cakes is sure to please anyone looking for a sweet treat that reminds them of simpler times.

The following week, I am driving home from work and I pass another one of my favorite places to grab something sweet.

Flower Flour  (896 Willow St) is a small cafe located on Willow Street, on the outskirts of Lincoln avenue making it a short walk over from the restaurants and shops. Flower Flour has been one of my mom’s and I’s favorite cafe’s since I was in high school. We often frequent the cafe and take in all of the sites and smells. The cafe doubles as a florist shop, the bouquets and the potted plants are arranged in amongst the glass cases which are filled with various types of pastries.


The colors of the pastries in the glass cases draw me in and I decide to go with a small circular cake with a rich red layer of jam on top, “Ravishing Raspberry.” The kind staff ask  me if  I would like anything to drink with the cake but I decide just to enjoy the rich flavors of the cake by themselves.

As soon as I take the first bite into the cake, I can taste all of the layers of cake and frosting, with the hard chocolate shell on the outside. The cake is outstanding and when I look down, the cake is gone and I have chocolate marks on my chin.



Flower Flour offers a variety of other cakes and cookies as well as savory treats like crepes and squash pancakes. Check out their menu to see what you might enjoy.

These are just two of the bakeries located in Willow Glen and they definitely should not be missed. Check out this list for more bakeries in Willow Glen!

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