Moving into your first place: Tips for before you move

Moving 101

I know that change can be scary and that for some (me!), thinking about change and the steps to make it happen can seem a bit overwhelming. I recently posted that I will be moving to Sacramento, Ca from my current home in San Jose, Ca and I wanted to share some of what I have learned throughout my experience in finding a place to live.

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  • Take stock of your finances– If you would like to move in the next year, start preparing ahead of time by setting up a savings account just for moving. Try to stash away money into this account every week or every month.
  • Research, Research, Research– If you’re like me and you are moving to a new city, trying to figure out a place to live can be tough, this is where the research comes in. Research the best neighborhoods in the city that can fit into your rent price range. Having a long list of apartments in different neighborhoods will give you more options when it comes to picking the perfect one.
  • Start the apartment hunt early– My boyfriend and I wanted to move into our new place by mid to late August, which is also the same time that Sacramento State students would be looking for apartments. For us, this meant that we had to start looking for a place around May. After about two and a half months of looking, we finally found a place that we could start renting at the start of August with a flexible move in date. Moral of the story: start your apartment search early!
    • For organizing your list of apartments, I suggest using Google sheets!
  • Gather your supplies– Have some kitchen or bath stuff from your college days? Do you have some furniture at your parents house that you would like to take? Take note of these things; this will help you in the long run financially. You might have more stuff than you think.
  • Once you have a place, calculate your monthly budget– If you have a monthly budget, which includes your rent and an estimate of you utilities, set up a month or two before you move, set aside that much into your savings (if you can). Once you do start paying rent and utilities, your budget will seem like no big deal because you have set it up previously.

What next: Moving

Stay tuned for my next post about moving into your first place, it will include a packing list, home DIY’s tips and much more!

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