Week 2: Half-Marathon Training

Check in- Two weeks into training for a half-marathon

Its been two weeks since I decided to sign up for a half marathon, and I am still very proud of this decision.

In my previous post, I talked about how, at the time, I could barely run 2.5 miles and yet I had still decided to sign up for a half marathon (13.1 miles). This sounds crazy, I know, but I need to do extreme things in order to motive myself. In college, I would wait until the day before to start working on a paper, which really should have taken me two weeks. That’s just the kind of person I am. So, here I am, two weeks into preparing for the half marathon in May 2020, and I feeling very motivated.

In training for this half marathon, my goals are to: prove to myself that I can do it, loose weight and gain muscle and kick my butt into gear to start making changes in my life for the better. I can say, in the past two weeks, I have kept these goals in mind whenever I started to doubt myself.


So, with that said, let’s talk about my progress and the exercise I have done thus far. Throughout the past two weeks, I have tried to go to the gym at least four-five times per week, with at least two of those days dedicated to just straight running. I knew that I couldn’t start just running everyday because I would get burned out, so concentrating on just two days, has helped me to approach this process more realistically and really listen to my body. The other one to two days at the gym, I will do a ten minute cardio warm-up, such as the stair master or a mile run, and then I will lift weights. I switch between doing upper body one day and then lower body another day. Both days, I do a couple of ab exercises.

This workout routine is working for me right now, but eventually, I would like to add in cross-training exercises as well as increase my just running days to four days per week. I have played with the idea of going to the gym in the morning, before work and doing weights and then going to the gym in the evening to run. Don’t think I quite there yet, but hopefully soon!


Miles Ran

  • Week 1 (10/28-11/02): 4.86 miles
  • Week 2 (11/03-11/10): 8.67 miles

11/11/2019 Weight & Measurements

  • My weight is: 235.2. Previously on 10/28, I was 235.4. My weight fluctuated a bit during the past two weeks, but it didn’t go below 233. At first, I was disappointed that I barely lost anything, but I can see and feel the difference on my body.
  • Waist is: 37 inches. Previously on 10/28, my waist was 39 inches.
  • Hips are: 43 and 1/2 inches. Previously on 10/28, my hips were 44 and 1/2 inches.
  • Widest part of thigh: 29 inches. Previously on 10/28, the widest part of my thigh was 35 inches. Now, I’m not sure if I measure wrong, but I’ll have to keep track in the next couple of weeks if this has the same significant decrease as it had over the past two weeks. I can definitely notice a different in the muscle tone of my legs and I’m excited for them to get even stronger.
  • Widest part of calf: 18 and half inches. Previously on 10/18, it was 19 inches.
  • Ankle is: 11 inches (Same from previous measurement taken on 10/28)
  • Neck (not sure how much this will change) is : 14 inches (Same from previous measurement taken on 10/28)


Throughout the past two weeks I have tried to stay pretty consistent on what type of foods I was putting into my body, making sure that they had plenty of protein and carbs (but not too many) to fuel my workouts. Below are a few examples of what I ate.


  • Scrambled egg on one piece of wheat toast with half an avocado
  • Chocolate, banana, and PB Fit protein shake with almond milk
  • Non-fat plain greek yogurt with pineapple, chia seeds, unsweetened coconut flakes and a drizzle of honey. This is also a good post run snack with a dash of turmeric, which is good for inflammation.


  • Kiwis
  • SmartFood cheddar popcorn
  • String cheese
  • Oikos Greek Yogurt


  • Progresso Soup- Mainly their veggie ones. I really like the Minestrone and the Lentil soups


  • Homemade turkey chili
  • Chicken sausage with a mix of roasted sweet potatoes &red potatoes and broccoli
  • Chicken stir-fry over brown rice

While I did try to eat healthy most of the time, I did go a little crazy last Wednesday 11/06, and basically said screw it all day. I had cookies and chips at work and Popeyes chicken for dinner and I did not work out that day. That was the day that I had some doubts about whether I can do this, and I almost just said screw it to the whole thing. But, after eating that yummy Popeyes chicken, I thought that I should give myself a break, because clearly, my body was needing to just relax for the day.

Slight Change of Plans

In my previous blog post, I had said that I would upload bi-weekly video updates along with a blog post. I’ve decided that I will continue to write bi-weekly check in blog post, but I will save the video check in for each month. I have a couple things that I would like to include in the video and I think for the sake of time (my time, really), this will be easier than doing a video every two weeks.

Next check in: 11/25/2019

I can honestly say that I am excited for the next two weeks and cannot wait to continue on this journey. Thanks for stopping by and hope you join me for my one month check in!

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